The Kimchi Festival in Philly at Love Park

The Kimchi Festival in Philly at Love Park

KCul (Korean Cultural Foundation) and PGACAPAA (the Pennsylvania Governor’s Advisory Commission
on Asian Pacific American Affairs) are hosting the Kimchi Festival in Philly at Love Park in Center City on Saturday, October 15th.
Kimchi is a traditional food that symbolizes Korea and is now becoming a food loved by people all over the world.

We believe that food is the best tool to bring people together and to understand and communicate with each other.

This vibrant community festival will explore the most effective ways to make food ‘go with one’s heart’.

Kimchi22 will serve up a feast of ideas to spice up Philadelphia through Kimchi. It will be appealing to attendees of all ages.

While food is the heart of this festival, the event also features live entertainment, local craft and Korean traditional wine(Maggelli),
fun family activities including Jabchae and Dalgona game in the drama ‘Squid Game’, and more, the Festival celebrates the diversity.

Come and experience Korean Food and Culture!
October 15 from 11-3 pm at Love Park!!

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