MLB draft live: Phillies looking for gems on Day 3

The jury will be out on the Phillies first nine draft picks from the 2022 draft for quite few years, but on paper they chose to address two huge areas of weakness — whether it was intentional or just how the best available on their draft board fell.

Philly doubled and tripled down on their recent woes drafting outfielders, selecting high school star (and Carl’s son) Justin Crawford in the first round, college outfielder Gabriel Rincones Jr. in the third and small college level Chad Castillo in the ninth. The front office also decided to make four of their first nine picks pitchers from various levels of competition.

Their Day 1 and 2 haul is below:

Pick Player Details
Round 1 Justin Crawford, OF Bishop Gorman HS, Las Vegas
Round 3 Gabriel Rincones Jr., OF Florida Atlantic University
Round 4 Alex McFarlane, P University of Miami
Round 5 Orion Kerkering, P South Florida
Round 6 Mavis Graves, P  Eastside HS (SC) 
Round 7  Caleb Ricketts, C University of San Diego 
Round 8 Alex Rao, P  Notre Dame 
Round 9  Chad Castillo, OF California Baptist 
Round 10  Gustavo Sosa, C  South Mountain CC

The MLB Draft has never been a circle on the calendar kind of event, as the selection process includes tons of players most of whom have very little notoriety. It also doesn’t allow for trading picks. 

Still, diamonds in the rough are out there and the Phillies will be digging for the next Darren Daulton, who was a 25th round pick in 1990 or Ryne Sandberg, who was a 20th rounder in 1978. However, Dom Brown was also picked in the 20th round so… there are more failures than triumphs.

Here’s an updated look at the rest of their picks:

Pick Player Details
Round 11 Emaarion Boyd, OF  South Panola HS (MS) 
Round 12    
Round 13    
Round 14    
Round 15    
Round 16    
Round 17    
Round 18    
Round 19    
Round 20    

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