NBA Draft live stream and open thread: What will the Sixers of with pick 23?

The NBA Draft is upon us, and unless Daryl Morey and company find a team interested in the 23rd overall pick who is willing to help the Sixers improve their roster heading into 2022-23, there will be a new rookie joining the squad this evening.

We’ve already taken a dive into the latest rumors — many of which involve the Sixers (and Joel Embiid) being interested in P.J. Tucker. We’ve also explored some of their options in the mid 20s, and even broke down what the future might look like for Tobias Harris.

All that’s left to do now is to sit back, relax and watch as the names get called and the class of 2022 takes its final shape.

Follow along right here for up to the moment reaction, news, analysis and more in our live thread and open stream just below:

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